We are extremely proud to launch the FIRST App  owned by drivers in Lagos, Nigeria.  Our drivers own the App, pay smaller fees and offer passengers great prices!

OUR STRENGTH IS OUR DRIVERS!  Our hard working, polite, safe, fully licensed, and knowledgeable drivers come from all age groups and backgrounds, and they all strive to offer better service at fair prices to our passengers. Our drivers drive vehicles that range from smaller sedans and small SUVs, to minivans, luxury sedans, large SUVs and limos.  Our drivers feel and behave like true business owners, and they work hard to provide better service and better prices to passengers.  Safety and good service at fair prices is our top priority!


download our apps or call us in Lagos, Nigeria at:

0902 390 8969 for Passengers and

0902 656 0733 for Drivers

PASSENGERS: Please use us for your ground transportation needs!

  1. Give your business to our drivers that own the company,
  2. Get better prices, and
  3. Keep your money in the local economy, rather than making big app companies and their investors rich (the big apps charge much higher fees to the hardworking drivers than we do, and they do not share their wealth with the drivers)!