Drivers, please email us at or call us in Lagos at 0902 656 0733 if you are interested to work with the only company in Nigeria that is a company owned by drivers!   Our goal is to make drivers busier, richer, and to offer better service and better prices to our passengers.   Join us today!

  • Biggest driver company ownership in the business
  • Tipping is allowed and encouraged
  • No passenger ratings (happy customers tip for good service… unhappy customers will call us and complain. Passenger complaints will be reviewed by a driver board to resolve the complaints and take action if necessary)
  • No hidden fees, no gimmicks:  WE WILL TRY TO MAKE YOU BUSY WHEN YOU ARE IDLE (time between dropping off a passenger and picking up the next passenger)
  • Work for as many apps as you want, our goal is for our drivers to make money and share the wealth.  And remember, if you have a choice, choose DOCA calls, after all, our drivers OWN the company and our drivers are paying the lowest fees in the market!